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What we do.

We are a horse education company whose mission is to demystify equine psychology to help people reach their goals. With over 20 years experience breaking down problems into bite size pieces, a livery yard in Bishop Stortford and 6 fantastic wonder horses we're pretty good at it too. We teach both private lessons and Clinics at our yard and at other peoples properties. Lessons taught at our yard can also be recorded and kept for future watching. We also offer video lessons and coaching, for those that can find a way to record themselves.

Our YouTube channel is really where its at though. Jamie has realised there is a bit of a gap in the horse industry. As horse people, or in fact anyone with a talent, we have a tendency to want to only show what we can do. The process of building towards the thing we can do is slow and can sometimes be even boring to watch. Our YouTube channel shows this long process unedited. Letting you see the mistakes and how we work to overcome them, while Jamie talks though the whole process so you understand why this process is so important. 

Our YouTube channel

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