Young Horse Starting/Backing/Breaking.

We offer a 4 week Young Horse Start for young horses that have not previously been ridden. This is a residential course where the horse stays with us for the duration of the 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks, a horse with no previous ridden experience would be able to: 

- Walk, trot and canter in an arena and on a hack.

- Have good basic ground skills and handling.

- Be ready to continue their ridden career. 

Jamie starts young horses with the idea being to create minimal stress by teaching the horse from the ground up. A horse in for training will have everything explained on the ground before it has to understand with a rider too.


Our basic training skeleton is:

- Accept the Human; as a partner and then as a leader.

- Accept the Saddle; firstly the placement and then girthing/cinching. 

- Accept the Rider; as a passenger and then as a guider. 

- Accept the Bit; wearing it in their mouth and then as a tool for communication. 


We also offer pre-ride handling for youngsters and foundation training for horses that have been started but require further ridden experience and education before specialising in any chosen discipline. 

Jamie has started horses that have gone on to have many varied career paths, from dressage, jumping and eventing to Western performance, trail riding and all-round pleasure horses. We believe that whatever they go on to do next, the Start is the most valuable part of a horse's training. You don't get a second chance to have that first ride.

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