Meet the Horses


Anything that you learn from Jamie was likely taught to Jamie by Stormy. He is the same age as Jamie but 10x wiser. He is a sensitive RBI/RBE who loves to be loved more than anything! He like to go out on a nice fast ride and be told after how amazingly fast he was. Although he is a forward going horse he is also very sensible and will always look after you if he feels you need it. Jamie got Storm at 12 going though teenage times together they now have a bond like no other. Stormy has attened and run more clinics and lessons than most horses doing close to 10 days of clinics a year with multiple instructors during Jamie's early learning (2002-2016). He also loves Liberty and bridless work of any kind. When he first came to Jamie he was head shy and had a rearing issue. These were of course linked (though Jamie didn't see this for many years) and once we stopped using a contact on him all the time and got him to understand a leg and seat connection/que he become much happier in his ridden work. Since this he has gone back into contact work, he still struggles to trust the contact and will often react alot to simple contact mistakes. But if your able to have soild hands and warm him up correctly you'll have a truely amazing contact ride. Quite honestly this horse is a perfect partner he can be wild, forward going and will sometimes play cheeky games. But he always does it to please you and get you to tell him how wonderful he is. I think he understands people better than other horses with a tendancy to come over to people before other horses. 



Zoë bought Puff as an unstarted 3 year old from Claverdon Stud in Warwickshire in September 2014. She went looking for a "preferably untouched, orange, Arabian with good ears and a cute nose" and, with the help of an old friend who is well connected in the Arab Horse world, she found Puff. Zoë set up some basic ground skills over the first winter that she had him and then Jamie started him in February 2015. Due to an accident with some electric fencing (see the nasty scar on his off side hind fetlock) and Zoë then discovering she was pregnant, Puff had the best part of the next year off, until Jamie brought him back into work in February 2016. Puff has now become Jamie's main riding horse and has begun appearing in demos in a double act with Stormy. His strengths are in bridleless riding and Jamie regularly goes out for trail rides completely bridleless on him, with Stormy at Liberty beside him. Puff also has some nice Liberty stuff coming along and improves every day. His new favourite thing in the world (apart from food) is a good scratch. He's such a funny character; he has a real goofy attitude and is the herd clown. He is really laid back and eager to learn, he loves going out and about and meeting new challenges, however, he is still an Arabian and has all the sensitivity you would expect. His funniest moment to date was when Jamie was following the rail, bareback, in our large field. He didn't like the feel of Jamie's jeans on his back, so reared so high that Jamie slid off the back. As soon as Jamie put the saddle back on he was quite happy to carry on. Even though Puff is much further in his development now, Jamie still has to exercise caution when riding him bareback. Oh, and if you are wondering why he is called Puff, put his registered name, Zamal into a search engine.